Ideal Place to study

Intellectual Growth Starts

Here and Never Ceases..

Intellectual Growth Starts

Here and Never Ceases..


Ideal Place to study

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Welcome To Glenhill School

Glenhill – an ideal place to study

Glenhill School, located at Manduadih, Varanasi, U.P., four Kms. From the main town of Varanasi and two kms. From Varanasi Railway station, was established in july 1987. The school reflects the endeavour of its Managing Committee consisting of dedicated and seasoned educationists who strongly believe that education should ensure for the youth, all-round and harmonious development of their personality. With a spacious and well developed campus, the School provides a healthy and educational friendly environment.

Glenhill School is an English medium Co-educational institution recognized by and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). New Delhi. The School has competent staff and provides excellent educational and training facilities from Class Nursery to Class 12 (Science and Commerce Stream). At Glenhill School, a sincere effort is made to inculcate in the students a deep sense of responsibility and behaviour that distinguishes them in society. Young children are so nurtured here that they could develop a healthy and progressive outlook towards life, and grow into productive citizens.




News Box

Apply for Admission Session 2023-2024

The academic session starts in early April every year and ends in March of the next calendar year. Registration for new admission opens in January. However, registration for admission to higher classes depends on availability of seats. Generally, admission to higher classes begins towards the end of March. Those seeking admission should fill the prescribed registration form attached to the registration form is available on payment from the School office. After getting their name registered, the candidates will have to undergo an admission test (written and oral). The programme of admission test will be given by the School office at the time of registration. Only those candidates who qualify the admission test will be asked to submit dully filled admission forms, available from the School office, and proceed further. However, the School reserves the rights to admit a candidate to the class for which he/she is found fit.


Mr. Sarfaraz Ahmed

( Chairman )

Chairman’s Desk

Opportunity is the one surge towards one’s dreamland which one generally aspires for but hardly acquires.

The task of recognizing latent talent is an arduous, patient and demanding one.

Time is changing at rapid pace. Future shall witness furthermore major technological transformation in every sphere. They are making huge difference in our lives.

One shall lag behind if one does not catch up with it. We at Glenhill have taken utmost care of this faculty with holistic approach and future challenges.

We provide catalic impulses to every child to stretch his/her inherent learning competencies through a self-discovery process and hone the skills to prove mettle. Providing the ambience to learn, to compete and to grow has been paramount for the school. Children are exhorted to drive themselves their personal learning.

I applaud triumphant and gratifying endeavors of the staff for their ardour and zeal with which they have realized the goals of our mission.

I am grateful to the parents for their unflinching faith in us. I hope they will enjoy the experience and see their children growing into successful and good human being.

Director's Desk

As I look back a perspective over the last three decades, I am possessed by a great feeling of satisfaction to witness that our school which began its life as a tiny sapling has spread its branches and dug firm roots akin to banyan tree providing quality education and strong foundation to the youth of the nation.

We have succeeded in providing vibrant learning environment to grow into potential being.

With the changing social milieu we feel the need to raise standards. Our school is underpinned by core values that support comprehensive development of the child who is a reflective learner. I believe that the children have the natural inclination for learning. All they need is a happy environment and loving guide.

Thus we equip our student with life skills to face the real world. Weather it is planning, organizing, deciding, reasoning, analyzing, team building, communicating effectively or dealing with challenges confidently. School curriculum has been painstakingly planned on scientific guideline to meet the above challenges.

I extended hearty thanks to the parents for trusting that in the educational journey of their wards Glenhill can play a pivotal role.


Mr. Irshad Ahemad

( Director )


Mr. Dileep Kumar Mishra

( Principal )

Principal's Desk

Nobality resides not in riches but in Nobel works and Nobel lives are always devoted to erecting Nobel architecture for nobel-uses of nobel men. With such a lofty idea Glenhill School was established by its visionary founders in july 1987.

Here at Glenhill we nurture students to bring out their overall development through ethics, moral, cultural awareness, physical fitness and academic excellence to become outstanding citizen of India and the world.

Parents and teachers share a common goal providing the best educational experience for a child. Thus, connecting home and school makes them a great community of learners. Teachers are the biggest cheerleaders of your child who want to see him/her succeed and not suffer! Wouldn’t you like to keep your child happy & productive at school? Talk to the teachers, effective communication actually helps. Communicate about your concerns, but approach them as teammates, not as opposition. Offering your child’s teacher support, respect and positive attitude are important, Show that you care. Do not pressurize your children to select any particular field of carrier. It leads to stress and children often become victims rather than success stories.

By offering encouragement through means such as assisting with school work and discussing different ideas of concept you can help spark inspiration in your child, you are a key player in your child’s life and shall be the one to teach him/her confidence, hard work and excellence are in a sense their children too. Their efforts are driven towards making your children succeed in school and life.

Do not get cross with the school if it disallow something. It is simply to bring in discipline. Never undermine teacher’s authority it is really difficult leading students without parental support.

With open lines of communication, you and the teacher can help connect what is happening at home and hence bridge communication gap (if any) teachers are your eyes in school believe in them, trust them and help them make a strong connection that will last forever, Let us come together to create the world our children deserve.

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